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Sports Chiropractic Care at Birmingham Wellness Center

While playing sports is usually considered healthy and a great way to get exercise, severe injury on the playing field is a risk of the game. Our Birmingham chiropractors offer sports chiropractic care and posture analysis for athletes injured in action. Chiropractic treatments sports chiropracticprovide pain management and allow patients to heal from the inside without the use of medication or invasive procedures. Sports chiropractic also prevents future injuries from occurring.

At Birmingham Wellness Center, our team of chiropractors is devoted to providing pain management solutions for injured athletes. Our center focuses on wellness care, which means treatment strives to remove the cause of pain and injury, rather than combat it with drugs or other external forces. Chiropractic care such as spinal adjustments and posture analysis, as well as physical therapy exercises and massage relieve pain from common sports injuries such as frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis.

Our Birmingham chiropractor is also certified in the use of applied kinesiology. Applied kinesiology tests the strength of various muscles on the body. The therapy then determines why a muscle is weak and determines the best course of treatment to help the muscle heal.

Pain Management and Wellness Care for Sports Injuries

Common sports injuries include frozen shoulder and tennis elbow. Although the name implies that the injury is related to the game of tennis, tennis elbow can result from a number of activities that involve frequent movement of the wrist and arm. Golfers and fishermen may experience tennis elbow due to the constant flicking of their arms and wrists. A posture analysis determines if there is a misalignment in the spine or neck that is causing the injury. Our chiropractor treats tennis elbow by adjusting the spine to correct any misalignment. Many patients benefit from applying ice to the injured elbow, which reduces swelling. Physical therapy exercises help the injured joint heal and restore range of motion to the arm.

Sports chiropractic and wellness care treats shoulder injuries such as frozen shoulder. Frozen shoulder can result after a patient has another injury, for example, a broken arm which requires and the arm to be kept in a sling. Shoulder pain can also result if the patient uses the shoulder joint frequently or if the joint is misused, for example, pulling the shoulder while pitching a baseball. Pain management solutions for shoulder pain include adjusting the joint and performing stretches that restore motion to the joint.

Wellness care also treats injuries that result from running, such as plantar fasciitis. Some runners also experience sciatica, due to spasms of the piriformis muscle. Runners suffering from plantar fasciitis typically benefit from stretching the heel and Achilles tendon area, which relieves pain. Applying ice to the area reduces swelling and pain as well. Massage therapy can help athletes who suffer from sciatica.

If you have suffered a sports injury or want a posture analysis or evaluation, call our wellness center today.

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