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Birmingham Massage Therapy Promotes Wellness Plans and Aides Pain Management

A chiropractic lifestyle is a dynamic opportunity to take charge of total body wellness care. At Birmingham Wellness Center, we offer a wide variety of integrative techniques to create this path for you. Massage therapy is an essential therapeutic complement to your chiropractic plan. Our caring Birmingham chiropractors and massage therapists work closely together to develop massagepersonalized wellness care plans to achieve your goals for optimizing health.

Massage therapy has long been a popular, therapeutic complement to the chiropractic lifestyle. Massage is an ideal therapy for pain management ranging from sports injuries, car accident injury, personal injury, chronic injury and more. Beyond pain management, when combined with regular adjustments, heath concerns such as rheumatoid arthritis, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, anxiety, chronic muscular issues, reproductive issues and the stress of modern living all respond very well to the use of massage. Even if you're seeing our doctors for preventive care, massage is an excellent addition to your total wellness care to manage stress and help in creating relaxation anyone can benefit from.

Types of Massage Complement Birmingham Chiropractic Wellness

How does massage work to complement your adjustments? While chiropractic is responsible for removing interference in how the nervous system communicates with the rest of your body, occasionally, an additional therapeutic will be useful to advance a patient's experience of healing. For example, subluxation of vertebral discs can occur when the body is exposed to repetitive stress, making it difficult for the correct ranges of motion to take place. However, range of motion can be positively influenced by your massage therapist. As massage therapy is applied, bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and other soft tissues all respond by working together to communicate with vertebral discs. This manipulation allows your Birmingham chiropractor to achieve the desired adjustment necessary to create postural realignment.

There are several types of Birmingham Wellness Center massage therapy such as deep tissue, sports, Swedish and prenatal. Depending on what you're being seen for in our clinic will help determine the type or types that best reflect your personal health concerns. You may be visiting us for a herniated disc, yet also are experiencing a knee injury related to a sports injury. Our therapists are trained in advanced techniques and will apply exactly what your concern calls for.

Deep tissue and sports massage are often used together for injury recovery and pain management. Deep tissue targets deeper layers of muscle and fascia that could be strained or tightened due to overuse, an injury or postural problems while sports generally involves similar technique with the addition of facilitated stretching to work through an injury or prevent one. Swedish massage is one of the most popular and a great type to begin with for a newcomer because of its long strokes and circular movements. Therapists utilizing massage for new injuries will sometimes combine Swedish with other types to help create relaxation to both the patient's mind and affected target tissues. Prenatal massage combines all types we've mentioned, yet is specifically tailored to be safe for each stage of pregnancy.

We look forward to meeting all of your Birmingham chiropractic and massage wellness care for pain management and beyond!

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