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Posted on 07-13-2018

Birmingham Chiropractor Addresses the Needs for a Prenatal Chiropractor

Pregnancy can cause many changes in a woman’s body and a prenatal chiropractor can help alleviate some of the discomforts with natural therapies. Pregnancy especially affects the alignment of the discs of the spinal column, and as pregnancy progresses and the woman gains extra weight, her balance can even be thrown off. Maintaining good posture is especially important for pregnant women, but this can be quite a challenge as the woman’s weight increases and her belly becomes large. As the pelvis rotates to make room for the growing fetus, the woman’s spine can be stressed. At Birmingham Wellness Center in Birmingham, MI, we provide prenatal therapies to massage and work the muscles that support the spinal column. This non-evasive massage therapy can give the woman relief while helping her body prepare itself for pregnancy and birth.

Pregnant Woman

Benefits of a Pregnancy Chiropractor

A pregnancy chiropractor understands how a woman’s body changes during pregnancy and knows how to make slight corrections. By using a gentle movement in the spinal column and extremities, a Birmingham chiropractor can help the joints to function better even during the stress induced by pregnancy. A chiropractic adjustment can help the nerves to remain healthy and protected. Adjustments made by a pregnancy chiropractor can also relieve back and neck pain, as well as help reduce the instance of headaches and nausea in pregnancy. Pain from sciatica can be severe and debilitating to some women, but a prenatal chiropractor knows techniques that can relieve the discomfort by using natural manipulations. The healthier and stronger a woman is going into labor, the better the outcome will be. If a woman's back is strong, the birth process will be easier with less chance of it ending in C-section.

Contact Your Birmingham Chiropractor Today for Your Prenatal Care

Make an appointment with a pregnancy chiropractor at the Birmingham Wellness Center in Birmingham, MI so you can enjoy your pregnancy in greater comfort. Call us at (248) 645-6070 and come to our clinic at 219 Elm St., Birmingham, MI 48009. We look forward to meeting you!

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