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Posted on 03-13-2018

Common Signs of a Pinched Nerve and Treatment with our Chiropractor in Birmingham

Woman with a pinched nerve in the neck in Birmingham

Pinched nerves can cause difficulty doing regular tasks, depending on where the affected nerves are located. You can have a pinched nerve in different areas of your body, including your back, neck and shoulder, when soft tissue or bone presses on a nerve. When you have symptoms of a pinched nerve, our chiropractor in Birmingham can diagnose and treat it. 

Pain from a Pinched Nerve

One of the most common signs of a pinched nerve is pain in the affected part of your body. This discomfort might occur as a sharp ache or a burning sensation that spreads to nearby areas. Leaving this pain untreated could result in it becoming more severe.

Pinched Nerves and Numbness

Another common sign of a pinched nerve is tingling or numbness in the affected area. You might not have as much sensation in this area, depending on how severe the pinched nerve is. You might also have a pins and needles feeling in the area that the pinched nerve normally reaches. 

Muscle Symptoms from a Pinched Nerve

The decreased activity in pinched nerves can lead to muscle weakness over time. If this happens, you might have trouble flexing or tensing the affected muscle. Depending on where this muscle is located, you could end up having difficulty moving certain ways or doing certain tasks. You might also have painful muscle spasms with a pinched nerve.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain Treatment in Birmingham

Back, neck or shoulder pain from a pinched nerve can become worse when it is left untreated. At Birmingham Wellness Center, our chiropractor can help ease symptoms of a pinched nerve with adjustments. Chiropractic adjustments involve aligning the spine, which helps relieve pressure on nerves. Easing this pressure can help reduce symptoms of a pinched nerve.  

Contact Us for Back, Neck or Shoulder Pain Relief

If you have a pinched nerve that is causing you discomfort, please contact Birmingham Wellness Center to schedule an appointment. Our chiropractor offers treatment for back, neck and shoulder pain caused by pinched nerves and other problems. 

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