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Posted on 03-27-2018

Understanding Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and How Your Chiropractor in Birmingham Can Help

Woman with carpal tunnel in Birmingham

Do you have carpal tunnel syndrome? If so, you’ll want to come in for treatment so your chiropractor in Birmingham can help you with a treatment plan and bring you the relief you need.

What is Carpal Tunnel?

In carpal tunnel syndrome, too much pressure on the median nerve in the patient’s arm leads to numbness and pain.

What Can Cause Carpal Tunnel?

The most common cause of carpal tunnel is repetitive motion. You may get this malady from typing and clicking with a mouse for 8 hours every day at work or school. Or, you are working to assemble small items in a factory or otherwise use your hands to do the same tasks over and over.

Other risk factors include fractures or arthritis that put pressure on the nerve. Diabetes and other chronic ailments can lead to nerve damage as well, as does being obese. 

Treatments for Carpal Tunnel Offered at Birmingham Wellness

Your chiropractor will begin by consulting with you to learn what you do for work and to get your medical history before conducting an examination of the injured area. We create customized treatment plans for each patient seeking treatment at Birmingham Wellness Center. This is ideal for people who are looking for a non-surgical approach that does not rely on drugs.

Options include chiropractic adjustment of the arm or the wrist, for example, and spinal adjustment might be required to align the vertebra. Improved alignment reduces pain and inflammation and helps the body heal itself faster.

The chiropractor will also discuss ways you can avoid becoming injured by carpal tunnel in the future.

Set an Appointment for Carpal Tunnel Treatment at Birmingham Wellness Center

Your painful case of carpal tunnel syndrome deserves treatment from expertly trained professionals. To learn more about our team’s approach to carpal tunnel treatment or to set an appointment for a consultation with the chiropractor, please get in touch with Birmingham Wellness Center today.

How long have you been experiencing carpal tunnel, and what do you think might have been the cause? Please sound off in the comments section below so your fellow patients can compare their situation with yours.

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